About RoyalFemale® +/ RoyalFemail

RoyalMail is one of the best-known brands in the UK. RoyalMail postboxes are visible all around the country, RoyalMail vehicles in the roads and RoyalMail Post Offices in most high streets.

Whenever one reads 'Royal Mail' there is always realisation that 'Mail' corresponds to the male gender and so, to the female gender.

I have owned the RoyalFemail and RoyalFemale internet domains unused for 7 years and now, at last, in August 2018 have decided to do something with them!!

Royal Female is a new brand that is going to offer fashion products and services for women and girls.

Royal Female and/or Royal Femail are a great names - if you would like to buy or license either or both from me, together with domains contact me as soon as possible!!

If you are interested in the possibilities that this business opens up, or you would like to discuss the potential for cooperation with you or your company then please contact me.

Jon Castle
Ah Ha!! Software